Camp Schedule

Photo courtesy of Rachel Barrett

Atwater | Dance Camps & Special Events

C A M P   S C H E D U L E

8:50am Drop-Offs (STAGGERED)
9:00-9:15am Greeting
9:15-9:30am Stretch + Share
9:30-10:00am Choreography + Dance
10:00-10:30am Wash Hands + Snack (OUTSIDE)
10:30-11:00am Choreography + Dance
11:00-11:30am Story / Game / Activity (OUTSIDE)
11:30-12:00pm Arts + Crafts (OUTSIDE)
12:00-12:30pm Wash Hands + Lunch (OUTSIDE)
12:30-1:00pm Arts + Crafts (OUTSIDE)
1:00pm Goodbyes + Pick Up (STAGGERED)

Camp Schedule

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