Miss Rachael Says –

1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving?

Favorite part of Thanksgiving is sitting around with my family and stuffing our faces with so much food we need to take a nap on the couch afterwards.

2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving?
  • Favorite food: mashed potatoes
  • Least favorite food: cranberry sauce

3.) Who is someone you’re thankful for and why?
I am thankful for my mom because she is the strongest woman I know. She had to go through many obstacles and still finds a way to find humor in everything. I strive to be like her.

4.) Three things you’re grateful for daily?
Three things I am grateful for daily are the ability to move my body which allows me to teach, having a roof over my head, and my supportive family.


For this Thanksgiving I’m most grateful for dance and the ability to share it with my students virtually, at the studio, or in their backyards. Oh, and burritos. Can’t get enough of them!