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What is a Virtual Intensive?

A virtual intensive is a fun and fast-paced online dance experience designed with older dancers in mind who are looking to challenge themselves to add new dance styles + moves to their skill set, improve their technique, learn choreography, as well as focus on aspects of performance, such as story-telling and character development. Below, is […]

Teacher Spotlight: Miss Hayley

Welcome to Miss Hayley’s Virtual DIY Workspace! She’s a DIY queen, Cookies +Crafts Club cheerleader, and an SDAtwater dance mom! Miss Hayley always brings BIG smiles and sparkles to the studio. We live for her Fri-DIY videos, and the exciting times she’s hosted one of our  Cookies+ Crafts Club meetings. Now, you can bring this […]

Teacher Spotlight: Miss Kris

Welcome to Miss Kris’s Virtual Home Dance Floor! Hailing from Pennsylvania, Miss Kris always knew she wanted to pursue a path in performance. She’s a quintessential triple threat with not only a passion for dancing, but also, singing and acting as well. With more time at home these days, she’s been exploring additional creative outlets […]